Why Workday?

Our HR and payroll administrative systems have served the A&M System for many years and are ready to enjoy a long retirement.

The current HR and payroll systems are:

  • Built on mainframe infrastructure, which are expensive to acquire, maintain and support.
  • Highly dependent on employees with unique specialized knowledge; fewer of these employees are available in the marketplace.
  • Difficult to adapt to changes in the environment.
  • Perpetuating some business processes that are no longer considered best practices.

The limitations of these software systems often leaves the A&M System dependent on outdated or inadequate tools and business processes as we are forced to adapt to the software. Many processes are manual and paper dependent.


In 2013, a Comprehensive IT Assessment conducted by Deloitte identified several areas where the A&M System needed to improve, including replacing our HR and Payroll systems.

In 2014, A&M System leadership determined the time was right to begin modernizing our HR and Payroll systems and work began to develop requirements and issue a RFP, leading to the selection of Workday in 2015.


Workday will simplify and standardize the university’s payroll and human resource systems and will provide faster and more efficient reporting options. The Workday product is updated twice annually, providing the university with an up-to-date system without the associated costs of manually updating locally maintained software. Workday is a mobile-friendly solution and is fully web accessible.